How Stupid I am??

Whole day long,
Just do a simple thing, Keep a smile on your face..
If a mystical one then better …
Then people will ask you, why are you smiling..
Is there something happened or what is wrong?
Or they will think, you’re smiling at them or something is wrong with them..
Thing is,
Why we are so serious that we need reason to smile or being happy,|
Why nobody asks when you’re sitting silently..

Just observe it for full day
And all happenings will turn into Sudden laughter..
You will laugh at yourself the most, (Like I am doing now..)
How STUPID I am to carry so much pressure/ worries/ Seriousness without any reason.
Just try it for day…
And amazing results will come.

Isn’t it ????

The Festivity..Holi

An amazing festival, people are just out for fun, they are close to people whom they never met..
The go to very distant just to share the joy they held in their being,
They dance like anything, crack jokes, make funny faces, do bizarre behavior,
They laugh at themselves, take themselves and others lightly.
You can see light, happy side of everybody, even the most serious ones(Sorry PAPA log).
and lots of things for which we can laugh for hours…
The memories are lasting..
Everywhere there is just festivity..
Full joy.. Isn’t it the core quality, we have forgotten… Being festive at all occasion.
Isn’t it would be beautiful to watch, share and involved in all the joy that is coming to us in small or big manners…
Being Festive..
Thank you all to help me reminding something very crucial, special.
I miss you, family, friends and everybody who is part of my life in one way or other.
Life is just beautiful because you all are in My Life..I love you all, whether I show it or not.
Isn’t it ???

The Beauty…

As you already know that I am mesmerized with the beauty you have..
Your laughter, innocence or the way you speak things without uttering a single word.

But sometime I just feel blessed with you..
Most of the time you find ways to fill up moments full of beauties,
Like becoming a child while playing with one,
To enjoy sunset, Sometime watching cartoons with such a cute smile, delight I can’t even imagine..
Among all these moment,
Everything just stops..
Cause I can’t even express How Beautiful it is to see THE BEAUTY, watching another beauty happening/enjoying.
With Love..


It is such a beautiful word,
It remind about the pain you are holding,
or incidents when you’re not able to explain yourself
or when you want someone to hold you but you were all alone,
or the moment you be fooled yourself for living life you never wanted
or so much more…..
But it also give you a tremendous opportunity to reclaim what is already yours..-
It is beautiful not because it brings agony but it brings new hope to start once again.
To trust life and move ahead… in joy..That finally it happened.. you are shattered..
Now remold, reshape or create a marvelous version of you…
Then only it is beautiful word.. otherwise it is holy s*#t.
Isn’t it???

It hurts when or When it hurts…

It hurt when you make me feel not Important
Or When it hurts, I feel I am not Important.

It hurts when you ignore me suddenly
Or When it hurts,I can see I am ignored by you.

It hurts when you’re not there to support,
Or When it hurts, I feel that I am alone.

It hurts when you see wrong in me (even if I’m not),
Or when it hurts, I am not right at all at anything.

It hurts when you tell, what I am not,
Or when It hurts, I can hear you what I am.

It hurts when I’m not recognized for what I’ve done,
Or when it hurts, I can see how I am not recognized.

Whatever is the way, when it hurts or It hurts when..
In both ways..
I am much stronger.. Cause I know one day..
You’ll or all will see how I beautified whole world in my way..
Thanks for being a part of it…
Cause I cared for everything what I did, said…
Isn’t it..???

The 5 why therapy..

In order to solve any problem/ issue/ trouble or anything you are searching for an answer..
whenever something happens..
Ask why ? then next why ? then next why ??
you’ll reach the root cause for what is disturbing you..
It is not necessary that you always ask 5 Why..
Sometime even 1 why is enough.

But do remember there is a different world,
In that.. No matter how many why you ask to you or anybody.
You will never find an answer.
One question like that..


The art of Not Listening

As listening is an art; so is not listening.
I think weird most of the time and this time as well.
The truth is we don’t need to know how to listen, but know about how we don’t listen so that we can get rid of it.
Most of the time, we ask people/friends/colleagues question or want answers from them.
We want them to answer something, but inside we’re already ready with the answers which we want to give.
We don’t even listen; what they are trying to say.
We shut take the gun out &  shoot them with the answers which are not needed at all.
The simple reason is you’ve already fixed something in mind and then responding.
So next time just don’t have answer otherwise you’ll always miss what the fellow next to you trying to say/ speak/ explain.
It may be something not important to you but just try to listen.
When you don’t listen, the fellow next to you is always wrong, feel not important.
When it happens lot many times then the person to whom you want to ask something will not answer.
Cause it is what he says is important to him/her also, important thing is you’re listening.
Non Listening is amazing.. we do it so often that we don’t even know it.
Isn’t It ??

When Failure is Final…

Sometime we know that we’re going to fail..
(And it is necessary part to get back up and moving forward)..
but what about the failure..
Failure gives an awesome option..
That is you can always end the game the way you like it…
You can always finish it in a way that even Winning looks like failing before that..
That’s the quality of failure which can be demanded..
My point is…
Fail.. and fail with Honor,
But the thing to be remembered is Failure should be Finished in your way only…
Isn’t it ???

100m Dash…

Sometime we’ve to work or act the way we run 100m dash.
Sometime (most of the time it is the best plan)..
In 100m Dash, we don’t think anything, all we know is whistle, competitors, track and winning line…
and most important part, from start to end you know only one thing i.e.
to run with your full effort, using every calorie of energy and most important you put your whole heart…
And that’s what it makes is so tempting cause it is fueled by passion.
No matter with whom you’re running but you’re going it full try even if the failure is sure…
Now just bring the same to your work, things, we have in our hands.
Just do it…Nike says it better way..
Sometime this just also give an option.. so DO it ..
Do anything and everything like 100m dash..
I am not telling that it will help you to win all the time but it will surely will keep on the edge, at par with yourself
And most important, it will take you out of your Comfort zone..
Just Give….
Run 100m Dash….

When Joker dies…

Most of the time, we play joker’s role in people’s lives.
We’re just a source of entertainment or a time-pass or the best a dustbin to carry their crap.
We’re attached by the plastic smile we flash all the time…
What if somebody stop it… you just don’t wanna to entertain..
What if you want to kill the Joker.. No body will help you.
They will try to protect it, they’ll make you realize that being a clown is the best way you can be….
Cause People care a F@?k about what goes inside you or about your feelings or even you.
You’re important only when entertainment is needed.
When you need a hand.. in better words…
When you stop serving them, they’ll simply turn their backs, find a new joker& will spread how bad a person (joker) you’re.
Cause they don’t have guts to know how hard it is to be there all the time, supporting, helping and being there no matter what..
Even after knowing that whatever you’ll do will go in vain…
Just few words…
Let the joker die.. it will create chaos, problems, troubles but they’re worth it..
Let it take rebirth but this time be a joker to yourself, make yourself happy, laugh at yourself and help yourself..