You are a Fantasy..

A word which comprise
dreams, adventure, desires, lies, truth, agony, passion,
loneliness, companionship, success, celebration, joy, laughter etc..
Fantasies is the golden gate to different world of yours,
where you can Hide yourself or you can expose yourself totally,
You can be a jerk, nerd, hero or magician.. or whatever you want to be.
But I have come across a different fantasy, which I never created
It is just before my eyes.
So alive, so near, so close that I am filled with Awe of Awesome..
It is more than a fantasy, but I don’t have a good vocabulary so this is the best word I can give, 
Right Now..
So now you know… Fantasies aren’t fantasies anymore..
They can be alive, and worth living if you try so..
Life will never be the same then..
Isn’t it ???


Just a Mistake…

There are mistakes, which we repent/ regret..
There are mistakes which we are happy about.
But there are some mistakes which just happens..
A mistake which you can’t classify in bad or good ones..
A mistake which you want to finish and forget, and simultaneously remember for whole life..
A mistake which makes you stronger and makes you weak too.
A mistake to open your heart and get the wounds directly there ,
A mistake for which even taking pains is pleasure.
A mistake which just changed you,
Made you or destroyed you, you can’t even decide…
But still..
I don’t know whatever it is..
But it is just a mistake..and So You Are..
A lovely, cute, trusting, caring, wounding, fearful.
wrapping every beauty.. but still just a mistake…

There You are…

Wherever I am, There You are.
Whenever happiness happens, There You are.
When Romance is in the Air, There You are.
When I see innocent gestures, There You are.
When I do a simple Prayer, There You are.
When A Flower Blossom, There You are.
When heart cry for care, There You are.
When I see Couple altogether, There You are.

Now I concluded something, and this is Final..
Even if there is nothing, There You Are.
In my Life..Whatever is the emotion,
Love, Fear, adventure or care..
There You are
Everywhere you are…


A painful word – which creates lots much trouble in life most panic ones;
or it is an happening – which just start series of wrong actions;
or it is a state of mind – when it just stops working;
or it is a journey – which leads to loneliness;
or it is a song – which heart sings in Pain;
or it is a celebration- cause you know with whom you don’t want to be;
or it is a drama just to play everybody’s favourite Victim role;
or a reason – to start all everything over again;
or a adventure – to go inside you and find what true actually;
or just collection of Few words…
which can make or break me, you, relationships, careers etc depend on the meaning you Give to it.
Its effect are profound, deep and long lasting, so just be careful when you Understand the MISUNDERSTOOD.
Isn’t It???


All I need is..

Most of the time I am lost,
I am wrong, I am irritating,
I am absurd
I am something else what i am not..
That very moment I know, I am somebody else.
No matter how hard I try, I am not able to bounce back as soon as I can.
All I need is come back..
All I need is a hand which can hold me at the time of adversity..
All I need is a gentle hug which say everything gonna be alright..
All I need is few words that soothe even if they are not true..
All I need is someone, who trust that I can make things rights, no matter how much they are wrong..
All I need is.. Bring me back to Life.

What All I Need, I think everybody else need too, in some way or other..
We have to just bring back people to lives…
cause Life is Beautiful..
Isn’t it ?

The Imagination…

Imagination is what distinguishes us,
Imagination makes thing happen,
It just come alive, every time without fail,
But we keep imagining about what happened, or what is happening,
Just close your eyes, and Imagine,
What you want to be, what your real dreams are, what makes you happy…
It makes you smile, light, breath freely..
Then why not just synch yourself and update your self as you do with Your Smartphone Apps…
When you imagine,
Relax It can be weird, and it is supposed to be, because it is Yours… And
We all are weird in some way or another… 
But do remember if You IMAGINE something …
one day, it gonna come true… whether you want it or not…
So be free to imagine.. go to lighter side..
Isn’t it???

Starting Again…

It is extremely hard to start,
and much harder to start all over again when you’ve covered a reasonable distance in anything.
It can be professional or personal, Beliefs, Attitude, Love, Friendship etc
Its not coming back to start point that gives the pain, but it is Turning Back;
Because you have travelled so far, that you don’t want to come back again.
Even the Idea of the same, affects.
But If you have to start it, then just start,
You’ll remember memories, incidents, people and aha moments.
you’ll compare things,
And If you try to accept things as they are, not comparing with what happened previously.
Most Important thing, With all these starting, you’ll be able to free people,
Once you get the knack of this art..
then you all starting and ends will vanished…
Isn’t it???

Unseen Replies…

To You are a cute liar, I don’t know why I tolerate them. Even when I know you are hiding things from me. Sometime I just want to burst out, scold you because you are making fool out of me.

Simultaneously I like the same. The way it happens is seems beautiful to me but takes my breath. Sometime the things is just, I just want you to realize that you….just let this dots be like this.

I know that some day you will understand things that I cant even explain to me, you or anybody else.

When my unaddressed questions will have automated replies from you.



Why is an amazing question or best answer that can be given..
Why makes you think, do and respond,
NO matter what you want, how you want until and unless it is backed by why, it won’t be done.
Why can make you dull, dead or it can let your  adrenalin rush..
It is limitless but within your limits of the horizons of thinking.
It is explosion but It is also small voice within, which exactly tells you what is to be or not to be.
Why is totally rational but only this rationality justifies all irrationality we have.
Why creates new opportunity, opens new gates or sometime a different world.
Why is an amazing, thing..
Just for fun, whenever you think deeply just ask yourself why I do this…
And you’ll know..
WHY this WHY is so important!!!
Isn’t it

Mistake..I Love..

Loving you is my greatest Mistake that I ever did..
Cause all beautiful things in my life i experienced are outcome of mistakes only.
It has made me more vulnerable, more receptive and more free..

You have crushed me, thrashed me, bashed me,
knowingly- unknowingly,
I have felt greatest pains, hurts etc etc..
I have felt frustrated, disappointed and departed.
I don’t know, how I did the same,
but why?
Just to see brightness in your eyes, Innocent smile on the world’s most beautiful face.
I know things will become breathtaking , painful ahead,
I will be there forever, to let you set free.. the way you want to be..

That’s what love is all about!!!

Isn’t it???