When was the Last Time..

All I read is one line..
“When was the last time you did something for the first time”
This single line, took me inside me & I am speechless….
because I can see, feel and experience what I have been missing..
There are so many things which directly connect us to our own self..
which make & keep us happy..Which allows us to dream..

If there is anything called as Happiness Index, I would fail measurably on this today..
Cause I am not able to remember My Last Time..

Next thing is simple…
Just take a Pen & Paper. Divide it into two halves..
Write two things….

1. Things you want to Do, Explore, Experience, Say, Feel for the first time 

2. Things which no matter how many times you do, They feel like you are doing it for the first time.

You will find amazing things about you..and direction if you’re lost (little is written cause it is very hard to accept few things)

Isn’t it???

Propose day…

After few minutes there is propose day..
I am not allowed to express in public..
But this is not possible to hold what is there in your heart..
So I am sorry my lady
I just want to say you that
Sorry I forgot something..
I want to sit on my one knee now ( I know you can imagine well)
Now listen
” You are amazingly beautifully gorgeous lady..
Those sparkling eyes of yours just make moments awesome;
You laughter, giggle or smile is enough to erase the tons of sorrow;
I know you started blushing now..
So let me finish now…
I just want to hold your hands and never want to leave them, come what may..
I am here, there and everywhere for you”
I love you..
And then some more…

The way you are…

The way you are is the way life must be
So cunning so innocent,
So vague so transparent;
So grown so happy,
So serene so crazy ;
So amazing so amusing,
So peaceful so happening;
So calculation so spontaneous,
So unpredictable so obvious;
It’s like dark and light together..
So opposite but so true
So is true for you…
As they complete each other
And so do you…
Isn’t it?

Without you…

Any day without you is burden,
Any moment without you is boredom,
Any celebration without you is like a demise,
Any fun without you is compromise.
Life without you is like walking dead,
Any happiness without you just make me sad,
You are just like breath of mine..
For me you are heavenly & divine..
Just listen..& listen this well
Without you I cease my existence,
Without you life will loose its essence,
As long as you are… Just let be with me
Cause I am one with you..
I am not even me without you?
Isn’t it ?

Being silent

Being silent doesn’t mean that
you don’t understand things,
Or you don’t know how to respond,
Or you are wrong all the time,
Or you are influence by the others,
Or you are just a fool
Silence is simply a sign of maturity
That you understand, know and have tenacity to accept it.
Silence is filled with care, laughter, and ease.
Once the Silence is empty and it won’t say a word, but it will be much louder than ever heard.
It won’t respond but will hit hard.
But once you will listen silence
You will never forget the sound it made…
Isn’t it…

World without breath

Breathing is so essential to let you know that you are alive. If you don not get it for few moments.. You will know…
If you are not able to breath for a longer time you will try to do every possible thing for some air… (You know it if you don’t know how to swim and trying in deep water)
It is urgent, constant, important, and can’t be compromised with something else.
Then why we do such things to our dreams or goals or desire or whatever you want to say…
They are breath of our true self… They tell us something about us…
Just want to say… This time try to have some actual breaths… You will feel alive, rewired.. Even the idea of it will give u wings..
This whole sky is yours and so is air..
Just keep breathing..
Isn’t it?


Amazing tool to make things happen or let things happen..
it can make you do what you thought was impossible or if not taken care of it can cripple you not to do things which are just so easy..
the question is what makes it so.
is it my belief system or it is just the way you talk to it…
or it works at the time of urgency Continue reading

Surprising Journey

We tend to be on a very surprising journey…
Sometime we decide, THIS IS IT…This is  THE End
without even realising we go very far from it.
Sometime Ends are not meant to be End
Or such ends we don’t want that should happen…
What if we keep End as End…
Will things get better or worse..
Is this easy to get rid of things which are boggling mind….
Sometime It may be Yes, or No..
But there comes a time, when End is meant to be an End..
No matter how painful, undesirable it is.. It is still an End…
End means two things, Starting of New Surprising Journey or Remembrance of Old Surprising Journey..
No matter what .. It is , It will always be an Surprising Journey..
Isn’t It??

The Other Side

Every thing has its opposite,
Bad/Good, Dark/Light, Hate-Love , Down/Ups, etc etc..
I used the negative side first (One More Negative-Positive), that’s how we take things..
We focus on what is wrong, not ok or should not be done..
We create our own world basis..
Most of the time, the problem inside our head is bigger than what is actually out there,
We think, estimate and define the outcome without even trying or knowing..
All I came to know is, whenever the two opposite things come altogether..
the good side wins (As happens in almost every movie),
Darkness will never exist in Light,
All doubts will clear in moments of trust..
The crux is only this, we use darkness to clear other darkness..and the things get deeper..
its like what our parents taught us ‘To cover one lie, you need to tell  1000 new lies”..
The Real meaning of that proverb is this.. (Now You Can Lie, it is necessary like oxygen ;) ..
Next time when You Use, or try to go to Other Side..
First question to be asked is..
What I am using to destroy something, is it same or opposite.. if same then it will never vanish..

Always go to other Side and Use…
Isn’t It???

Just Like That

Beautiful things happen Just like that,
Its around the corner in street you’re passing by,
A child playing with butterfly in garden,
A stranger passing by with a smile,
A kind effort from somebody for someone who is in help,
When you get for what seemed impossible to you before,
When you are with somebody who truly cares about you,
When you know that you’ve relieved the pain of somebody,
When you know that this time you’re going to be One…
Things happened Just Like that,
Small things not so important but they beautify world..
So YOU have done with my world..
Just Like That…
Isn’t It???