When Joker dies…

Most of the time, we play joker’s role in people’s lives.
We’re just a source of entertainment or a time-pass or the best a dustbin to carry their crap.
We’re attached by the plastic smile we flash all the time…
What if somebody stop it… you just don’t wanna to entertain..
What if you want to kill the Joker.. No body will help you.
They will try to protect it, they’ll make you realize that being a clown is the best way you can be….
Cause People care a F@?k about what goes inside you or about your feelings or even you.
You’re important only when entertainment is needed.
When you need a hand.. in better words…
When you stop serving them, they’ll simply turn their backs, find a new joker& will spread how bad a person (joker) you’re.
Cause they don’t have guts to know how hard it is to be there all the time, supporting, helping and being there no matter what..
Even after knowing that whatever you’ll do will go in vain…
Just few words…
Let the joker die.. it will create chaos, problems, troubles but they’re worth it..
Let it take rebirth but this time be a joker to yourself, make yourself happy, laugh at yourself and help yourself..

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